Hot Book Alert: Mark Slouka’s Brewster

By late next week everyone is going to be talking about Mark Slouka’s novel Brewster. Yes, everyone. Trust us. Since you all, our Tumblr friends, take pride in being ahead of the literary curve, we’ve prepared this hot book dossier on Brewster so you can be in the know. 

The Book

A powerful story about an unforgettable friendship between two teenage boys and their hopes for escape from a dead-end town. Jennifer Egan says it’s the “dark undertow of Slouka’s prose” that makes for an “instantly mesmerizing” read. And Colum McCann likens reading Brewster to “entering the very heart of a Bruce Springsteen song—all grace, all depth, all sinew.” But it was Publishers Weekly that said this coming-of-age story “recalls the likes of Tobias Wolff and Raymond Carver.” It goes on sale Monday, August 5th.

The First Line

"The first time I saw him fight was right in front of the school, winter."

The Author

Having set previous works in Europe, with Brewster, Mark Slouka (pronounced slow-kuh) returns to the place where he was born, raised, and currently resides: Brewster, New York. Slouka is a contributing editor at Harper’s and his work has also appeared in Best American Short Stories, Best American Essays, and the PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories. Like Jon Mosher, the sixteen-year-old hero of Brewster, he’s a runner.

The Buzz

The indie bookstores saw Brewster coming from a mile away. Powell’s selected it for their truly excellent Indiespensables series and indie booksellers across the country have dubbed it an Indie Next Pick for August. But the talk-of-the-town will turn to Brewster in the coming days when readers of the Boston GlobeMinneapolis Star Tribune, Washington Post, and New York Times awake to read of the book with their morning coffee. You’ll also see essays from Slouka in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. Not to be left out, People magazine will weigh in as well. And lest we neglect to mention it, Slouka’s 13-city tour begins this weekend.

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