The Canterbury Tweets are Underway

The Canterbury Tweets is a modern reenactment of Chaucer’s tales of love, bawdy humor, and religious reckoning. The famed pilgrims and the subjects of their respective stories bring their oversized personalities to Twitter to share wisdom and dirty jokes in rhyming couplets. Fans and rabble-rousers alike, writing as characters doled out through W.W. Norton’s various social media channels, take ye old tales of Aprill and give them a 2011 twist.

The festivities will run from April 25-29. 


Charlie Wheelan is The Merchant.

@angevin2 is The Clerk

Happy to announce that Mary Roach has agreed to play the role of the Pardoner!

congrats to @trishtalking for winning the role of The Wife of Bath with this entry: “One hundred forty characters or less / Are far fewer than have shimmied up my dress”

and to @bugsdodger who will be our Miller (target of rhyme, Sarah Palin) : “Let us pray to God to cut off the parts / Of commie men who think they have such smarts.”