First Lines from New Books Out Today, January 30, 2012

"On October 13, 1991 my grandparents killed themselves. It was a Sunday. Not really the ideal day of the week for suicide."
An Exclusive Love: A Memoir by Johanna Adorjan, translated by Althea Bell

"By the time he received the Nobel Prize in 1975, Eugenio Montale was widely recognized as a poet who had revolutionized the art in his native Italy, and whose voice reverberated among the great international moderns: Eliot, Pound, and Valery, along with Yeats and Cavafy."
The Collected Poems of Eugenio Montale, 1925 - 1977 translated by William Arrowsmith and edited by Rosanna Warren

"This book has been written for anyone who has to deal with people on a daily basis. Whether you are a teacher, a professor, a pilot or a top manager, you will be confronted by the same questions time and again: How do I make the right decision? How can I motivate myself or my team? How can I change things? How can I work more efficiently? And on a more personal: What do my friends reveal about me? Do I live in the here and now? What do I want?"
The Decision Book: 50 Models for Strategic Thinking by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler

"I live in a lovely place. It is a small farm, just a few acres, but it is beautiful. I created this farm over many years, and it is still evolving, and will continue to for many years hence. I never intended to be a farmer and yet it feels right. I enjoy a connection to the land, to the animals here, and I am endlessly thrilled to make food; to feed people."
Growing a Farmer: How I Learned to Live Off the Land by Kurt Timmermeister